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The Town of Aritzo


    ADDRESS: Via Marconi (c/- the primary school )-tel.0784/629803
    OPENING TIMES: Monday closed, the other days of the week 10:00/13:00 - 15:00/18:00 (in winter) and 10:00/13:00 - 16:00/19:00 (in summer)
    PRICE OF TICKET: €1,55 - under 18 and over 65 years old free entrance
    MANAGEMENT: Youth association " Giuramentu"
    OPENING YEAR: beginning of 1980s
    NUMBER OF ROOMS: 5 rooms plus corridor
    NUMBER OF ITEMS: about 3.500 catalogued
    ORIGIN OF THE ITEMS: Spontaneous donations of fans; purchases of the Aritzo Town Council; items owned by the association " Giuramentu "

  • OLD PRISONS "Sa Bovida"

    ADDRESS: Via Carceri - tel.0784/629803
    OPENING TIMES: On appointment
    PRICE OF TICKET: - €1,55 - under 18 and over 65 years old the ticket is free
    MANAGEMENT: Youth Association "Giuramentu"

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The Ethnographic Museum

Opened in the '80s for the will of a group of young specialists in demo-ethno-anthropolgical subjects as a first step towards the realization of an eco-museum, that synthetizes the extraordinarily robust and variegated property of the cultural complexes of the Barbagia Mandrolisai area.
The items put together are from the agro-sylvo-pastoral, crafts and commercial sectors.
The magical-religious objects are very interesting.

"Ferru pro faere ostias"
"Ferru pro faere ostias",
tool for the production of wafers

Interior view of Museum

Some of the objects are exposed in the museum, given hospitality in provisional quarters as waiting to be transferred to final headquarters.

The Old Prisons ("Sa Bovida")

The old prisons of "Sa Bovida" are located in an old 1700s building used until the last postwar period as a top security jail. To reach it one must go down a narrow flight of steps from the main road in front of the parish church.
The building, built with shaly material and chestnut wood is characterized by a subway "Sa Bovida" (the vault) of Hispanic origin. The inside, today completely restructured, consists of a little room that in ancient times was used as overseeing post, of two rooms (cells ) for the women and of a third room without any opening for the prisoners. In the internal courtyard an old meridian can be admired.

View of Old Prisons

The main wooden door on Via Antonio Mura
was added recently to allow the use
of the third room which has no openings

The prison seen from Via Antonio Mura

The prison seen from Via Antonio Mura

Interior view of Old Prisons

The room used by the guards with
access to the prisoners' rooms

Extracts from a letter of the vice-king Balbiano to the Justice Ministers of Aritzo

"Capitano di Cavalleria of Oliena" is arriving with six French prisoners he successfully arrested. You will guard them in your prisons, making sure they do not escape, but at the same time you will ensure that they are treated charitably; you will give them two beds and feed them with a pound of meat and a glass of wine. Keep good account of all that you spend as you will be reimbursed by the Royal Coffer. Please ensure that they do not speak to anybody, as you must know that the malice of these people is that of pretending to be good and zealous when instead they are not. You will keep me up to date with information about the prisoners once a week and I will have, I hope, the opportunity to praise your diligence.
Cagliari, 4th February 1793

P.S. You will receive one hundred scudi to make up for the expired expenses, of which you will give account, and the note of the prisoners. I wish to inform you not to allow the prisoners and mainly to the Officer on Board Reydlet to receive or send any mail, and please could you give a room to the same officer and keep him separate from the others, I shall be pleased of your attention".

(From "Lo Strillone" enclosed in 2000 Affari - 20th November 2001)

Many viewes of Old Prisons “Sa Bovida” (the vault)
The prisoners' rooms
The prisoners' rooms
Internal courtyard
Sa Bovida (the vault) Sa Bovida (the vault)
Internal courtyard
The subway “Sa Bovida” (the vault)

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