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The Town of Belvì

  • BELVÌ - Natural Science Museum

    ADDRESS: Via Roma, 17-tel.0784/629467
    OPENING TIMES: By appointment
    PRICE OF TICKET: On offering
    MANAGEMENT: Cultura Association "Amici del Museo"
    DATE OF ORIGIN: 1980
    NUMBER OF ROOMS: 5 on one floor
    TYPES OF ITEMS: mineralogical division, paleontological, fauna, entomologic, erpethological
    ORIGIN OF THE ITEMS: Donations by fans and collectors
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Natural Science Museum

The Natural Science Museum, the only one in Sardinia, dates back to 1980 under the initiative of the Cultural Association "Amici del Museo". It includes Paleontologia, Mineralogia, Faunistica, Entomologia, Erpetologia. Many of the objects are rare and precious.

Esemplari di fenicotteri

Study of fauna division. Flamingo specimens

Sezione di entomologia

Some showcases of the entomology division

The exhibition of the items is in five divisions subdivided in five rooms. Unfortunately for lack of space, many precious items are not given their right value.
Palaeontological division.

About 150 fossils from all geological eras of Sardinian origin.

Sezione Mineralogica.

It includes about 500 minerals originating from Sardinian mines, some are very rare.
Enlarge image
Cobalt from Morocco-High Atlantic
Enlarge image
Enlarge image
Rose of the wilderness
Enlarge image
Calcite crystals
Enlarge image
Bismuth league
Enlarge image
Rosasite on quartz aragonite

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