The Comunità Montana n.12
Barbagia Mandrolisai

The Comunità Montana n.12 Barbagia Mandrolisai includes 13 towns: Aritzo, Atzara, Austis, Belvì, Desulo, Meana Sardo, Gadoni, Ortueri, Ovodda, Sorgono, Teti, Tiana, Tonara.

With about 20.000 inhabitants it extends over 600 square kilometres. It includes two different geographic and environmental realities: the mountainous landscape of Mandrolisai and Barbagia of Belvì, that looks over the western side of the Gennargentu.

The landscape is superb and of great beauty with its archaeological monuments, the granitic monoliths, the so called blocks (tacchi) and the impressiveness of the Gennargentu.
The territory is rich of woods especially of ilexes, bushes and cork-trees. Numerous are also the majestic chestnuts, cores and walnuts trees.

On the Gennargentu there are numerous groups of mouflons, symbol of the Sardinian fauna; other mammalians such as foxes, wild boars, hares, weasels are also present and predaceous birds such as the sparrow-hawk, the royal eagle, the kestrel, the peregrin, the buzzard.

The popular festivals are of great ethnographic interest and these increase the value of the local handicraft and gastronomy with its typical products.

There are different roads
that lead to the towns of the Comunità Montana n.12:

from Oristano via the SS388 for Fordongianus, Busachi, Ortueri, Sorgono;

from Nuoro via the SS389 reach Sorgono going through Mamoiada and Fonni;

from Nuoro leave the SS131 and deviate at Ottana take the SP 17 Sarule-Olzai.

The administrators of the Comunità Montana n.12 wish to increase the value of the territory both from the economic and social point of view but above all from the cultural one, by giving wide space and great visibility to the historical sites and by using all the advertising means so as to meet the demands of an always bigger public.

The territorial museums of Teti, Atzara, Belvì, Aritzo, Desulo, shave been built thanks to the citizens' will, cultural associations and the local Board. The exposed archaeological, anthropological and naturalist materials transmit significant moments of the agropastoral civilization. The aim of these museums is not only that of capturing the interest of the visitor, but also towards the surrounding territory with its traditions and its customs.

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